About Linse

Photography by Kim Reece

Linse Sullivan (they/them)

I currently work for the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative at Oregon State University, where I supporting parenting education. I serve as the past-president of the New York chapter of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning. With GIML, I also am the clerk of the Race and Social Justice Committee and a member of the Media Commission. You can also find me teaching music education courses online at the University at Buffalo.

Musically, I specialize in movement and play, saxophone, and Irish tin whistles.

My teaching philosophy centers around my core belief that all people are musical. Learning to develop and use your musicianship is a right all students have. Music is also culture; it cannot be separated from the people and movements that created it. I am trained in Music Learning Theory, a research-based teaching pedagogy that focuses on musicianship skills such as performing, creating, improvising, and composing, in a highly effective way.

Linse in Music